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Brose Royce

Brose Royce

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Posted By Brose Royce

Some people get bothered when they hear Brose Royce’s lyrics but the truth for Brose that’s probably the desired outcome.

(Danger? I am the Danger!) “I damn near burned my grandmother’s house down at 4 years old." Reckless in nature the dude they call Brose Royce puts the same kind of “Reckless Abandonment” in his songs. Sex, Drugs, and outright rebellion that Brose raps about is what many already do, but when Brose does it just sounds a lot more believable. Could Brose really be "about that life?"

Brose Royce was born in Newark, New Jersey as David Moore II. After losing his father to a fatal car accident it was his mother who exemplified the true meaning of survival, teaching Brose that he were to be a winner in life like his father, a middleweight champion.

Exposed to the hypnotizing beats of hip-hop longer than Brose can remember he became a fan and started rapping at the age of 10. From the stoop to local corner stores, to neighborhood block parties, He always found the time and a place to deliver his invincible, never heard before style.

Utilizing his innate skill to hustle, Brose began traveling from state to state demanding nationwide attention. In just six months of self-promotion, he earned the title of “Coast 2 Coast G” and founded Cake Boss Music Group.

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