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Rob Endraus is an electronic composer and bass guitarist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began playing the drums in church with his father at the age of 8. His father, Robertinho de Recife, is a renowned guitarist and producer in Brazil. 
 At 13, he moved to Mississippi to work with his family on multicultural projects involving the government of Mississippi. At 14, he was playing the drums in Blues clubs with notable guitarists, such as Jessie Robinson (currently the main guitarist of B.B. King's band) and King Edward in the Delta. 
 From the of age of 16 to 18, Fhorggio was already going live, performing on his own electronic music concerts and being invited to electronic music events such as "VIDEOATAQ", in Rio de Janeiro. 
 Currently 22 years old, he works with Robert Regonati (Brazilian-Japanese music producer) in Japan, and has worked on projects for the Japanese Government, both as a graphic designer and a musician. He is also the official voice actor for the Japanese character "Ultraman Zero", from the Japanese tokusatsu science fiction television series "Ultraman", in the "Ultraman Heroes" live performance that takes place every year in São Paulo,Brazil.