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On a quiet Sunday of June 2015, on the hills of Palermo, Nicola Greco, Pietro Palazzo, Domenico Salamone, Federico Cardaci and Marc De Dieux play and record what some years later will be the material of the first official album of 15-18, “Back to 14-18”. And so, for the centennial of Caporetto battle, “Back to 14-18” comes out on Janury 2, 2018 for the mini-label DeDieux / \ SuccoAcido, distributed in Italy by Audioglobe. “Back to 14-18” has in the meantime assumed a dramaturgical form and, while waiting to fly to the most off-stage of the peninsula, the work is currently in a theatre workshop phase in a place that looks more like a bunker than a stage. You certainly will not desire to be unprepared: this is “primitive chamber music” and the 15-18 are its soldiers. 15-18 arrange anything at 15:18 15-18 will donate their organs to the world 15-18 will put microphones inside their own graves 15-18 will never stop playing music in your left hemisphere