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Joey Nicholson, author and musician from Gainesville, Georgia, is also a worship leader and award-winning songwriter whose music is touching people throughout the world. With over 20 years of experience in worship and hundreds of songs written, Joey has established himself as an asset for the modern church. Joey has written many theme songs for schools and churches and also has many albums he has recorded over the years. Joey has also collaborated with many songwriters over the years. As an arranger, composer, and engineer, Joey Nicholson operates a 24-track recording studio in the Atlanta area. Joey plays Takamine guitars with Elixir Strings, bass, drums, Yamaha keyboards, mandolin and also does vocals. Joey writes and records most genres of music, including acoustic, rock, pop, gospel, bluegrass, country and Christian country, and children’s music such as theme songs for schools and VBS (Vacation Bible School). Joey Nicholson has released several studio albums, all of which are available on all digital formats, and on and