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Welcome to my Spotify page, where you can hear all my most recent music. I am a music producer, who has been producing Christian music since 2000, when I won a competition in a UK music software magazine. The style of music I produce is mainly CEDM (Christian Electronic Dance Music), including Trance; Drum and Bass, but also electronic Pop and chilled out Ambient. I have been a Christian since around the age of five years old. I made Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour, after realising that having Christian parents, being good and going to Church wouldn't save me. I have grown in my faith ever since, despite the challenges of life. Musical influences include old hymns, The Art of Noise, Jean-Michel Jarre, 90s Dance Music and 80s Pop. Recent listening tastes include New Wine Worship, Lucy Grimble and Zanna. I want the music I listen to to honour God, be positive, truthful and uplifting. I have a close relationship with Jesus Christ and I hope the love and intimacy I have with Him comes out in my music.