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Hello, I'm Takar Nabam from Arunachal Pradesh, India. I generally like to go with the flow, be it music or life. I write and play what's closest to my heart. My first connection to music was through the guitar. Although I played a lot of guitar, I did enjoy singing occasionally and penning down my thoughts while traveling. Same Sky was my first honest attempt at singing, songwriting. Growing up away from my hometown, for about two decades, I found my solace in Music of all kinds. In fact, This Home, That Home sums up that chapter. After moving back to my culturally rich hometown, as Quiet a Story outlines, I've started to blend my cultural elements into my music and Nyokum Sokhi To (Lets celebrate Nyokum) was my first attempt at it. Anyways, thats a lot about me! I'd love to know more about you now. Lets connect on Instagram, shall we ? 🙌