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2017 Album: Mud In My Blood - Chase Your Own Tail - Don´t Confuse Me - Mud In My Blood - Migratory Man - Sittin On A Cloud - Every Single Reason - Bonita Señorita - Today - I Aint Sorry - Hold Of My Heart - Hangin On 2017 Single: Chase your own tail 2017 Single: Every single reason 2017 Single: Hold of my heart 2013 Album: Blue is the color of my heart -My drug of choice -Old broken dreams -Blue is the color of my heart -Shoot me in the head -Like alcohol in a drink -Run baby run -Your sister was bueno -Too long -It looked like love -Wrong end of the stick -My heart made a fool out of me 2009 Album: What will the neighbors say? -Brand new start -What will the neighbors say? -Mountain Sky -Borderline Girl -Way you kiss -Two Lovers -In the backseat of my car -Ultimate Sin -These blue eyes of mine -The day you turned my love into a crime -Down unlucky road -Last Night 2007 Album: Hospice for Romantic hearts -Hospice for Romantic Hearts -Mama oh Mama -When Love Says Goodbye -Really gone gone -Im all country now -If you don't love me anymore -The right to remain silent -I can't decide -Falling into you -All in -Nobody knows that girl Single: Honky Tonk Christmas Single: Buckle Up! Single: Wrong side of the stick Award-winning country artist 2007