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“Country-rock fusion”; “60’s era vocals“; “moonshine rock”; no matter what style you hear from Sam C. Jones, there’s no doubt his music is timeless. Virginia-born and raised on a steady diet of hard rock and show-tunes, Sam discovered his love for country music while playing Elvis Presley in the hit musical Million Dollar Quartet. He’s since become a genre-bending songwriter, known for his vulnerable lyrics, big guitars, and haunting, heartfelt melodies. Sam’s debut EP Call Your Friends- a folk-rock effort about his childhood, lost love, and slaying mighty dragons - dropped on his 26th birthday and led to his first solo tour in Northern California. Recently, Sam has jumped headfirst into the old-school-country genre. His song Pour Me Another - featuring Americana darling Hannah Jane Kile - is a reflective and sorrowful homage to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. His latest single I Don't Want To Be An American Anymore is a

protest song inspired by the insurrection in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. After this song went viral online, Sam has become an unlikely troubadour, drawing comparisons to Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Yusuf / Cat Stevens and Phil Ochs, with fans begging for more protest songs reminiscent of these great songwriters. Sam has not forgotten his hard rock roots; new music in 2021 will showcase his songwriting versatility. From wild rock n' roll screams, overdriven guitar solos and blazing drums, Sam C. Jones has much more to offer.