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New soul-pop outfit Blueberry Rouge are emerging onto the Irish music scene in style. With roots in soul, jazz and funk music, Blueberry Rouge have a sound that is heavily influenced by those of classic soul artists such as Bill Withers or Stevie Wonder. The arranging process of Donegal’s Ronan Friel, placing form and harmony to the melodic poetry of Pittsburgh’s Jennifer Waters, compliment the rooted rhythms and spatial production of Carlow’s Ryan O’Neill. When originating from college open-mic nights, strangers would tell them they were ‘absolutely watertight’, friends asked ‘just why aren’t you a band yet?’ Well, they are now. Blueberry Rouge are a breath of fresh air, the first sip of a cold can of coke, exporting a self produced sound that just breathes quality, from the musicianship of the band to the infectious vocals of Jennifer Waters. "Blurring the boundaries between pop, soul, jazz and funk, Blueberry Rouge have marked themselves as a thrilling new force on the Irish music scene" - Hot Press Magazine