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Music has always been an essential component of life for LORD TOPH. At a very early age he was introduced to different genres of music from various artists spanning over several decades. With both of his parents being big music enthusiasts, music was constantly being played throughout his household growing up.

Being the youngest of four siblings (all boys), LORD TOPH became somewhat of a “music sponge” growing up. His passion for music grew quickly in his primary years. Paying close attention to the dance, movement, and vocal style of such artists like Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, or Elvis Presley, LORD TOPH would often mimic these artists and later combine their moves to begin developing his own style. He began performing with songs by Al Green; songs like “Love & Happiness,” “Call me,” “You Ought To Be With Me,” and “Let’s Stay Together.” LORD TOPH is an artist, composer, producer and author. He has produced several songs for artists that have been part of his Monté CrisToph Music roster. He has written & composed for Folk Acoustic artist, Damen Samuel, Adult Contemporary artists Ebony Anne Isaac and Kyle Whitney, Hip Hop artist, SnowFlake Black, the Classic Blues/Rock act, The Tony Mazza Project, and several other independent artists. Having grown up in the South and being deeply influenced by the sound of Delta Blues, Classic Rock and Soul, he creatively finds a way to infuse these essential genres of music to create a sound all his own. Posted by Monté CrisToph Music