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neKa is an artist based out of Charlotte, NC. She was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC; a small military town. neKa, along with her three siblings, grew up in a single parent home, with their Nigerian mother, listening to a lot of R&B. The only rap music they heard was whatever made it to the radio, so even her mother was surprised to learn that she had become an aspiring rapper and a really good one at that. In an industry dominated my males, neKa breaks the common stereotypes associated with female MC's and presents a sound so unique, it makes her being a female MC irrelevant. She has become a voice for so many in their fight to be seen as they are and not what social norms would suggest. neKa started writing music in 2014, though she has an array of singles on her SoundCloud, she has yet to release a project, until now. There are a lot of people who would agree that this is something they’ve been waiting on. The music neKa creates gives insight to a part of her that is normally hidden, its shines light on her presence. Offstage, one may not even notice she’s in the room, but when she grabs the mic, they'll never forget her.