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Mistheria is an Italian pianist, keyboardist, keytarist, composer, producer, teacher. He works as soloist and keyboardist for Bruce Dickinson, Artlantica, Tower Of Babel. Creator and Producer of Symphonic-Metal Opera "Vivaldi Metal Project". Mistheria released his debut album solo album “Messenger Of The Gods” via Lion Music in 2004. The album helped propel Mistheria’s reputation further and in 2005 Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson asked Mistheria to contribute keyboards to his “Tyranny Of Souls” solo album. Mistheria performed as soloist and as session player in Europe, USA, and Asia both as Pianist/Organist and Keyboardist/Keytarist. His discography counts more then seventy albums including his own and other bands productions ranging from Classical to Metal, from New-Age to Soundtracks, from Pop to Rock. Afterward, Mistheria kept recording, producing and releasing new albums and working in new projects such as Artlantica (2013) and Tower of Babel (2015). His last solo albums are “Dragon Fire” (2010 - Lion Music), “Keys of Eternity” (2011, Sifare), “Gemini” (2017, Rockshots). Mistheria's most huge production is the international Symphonic-Metal Opera "Vivaldi Metal Project” that released their album “The Four Season" on 2016 via “Pride & Joy Music”, all-metal-stars project featuring more than 130 metal/classical international artists, orchestra, string quartet and three choirs.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is considered one of the largest Rock Operas to date.