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The League of One brings you a new hard rock experience with classic influences. If you are a fan of bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, RUSH, and Led Zepplin, The League of One is a must have for your musical library. The League of One was formed back in 2003 by founding member Will Maeder (guitars/vocals). Murray Sokoloski (bass/vocals) joined in 2005 and Bill Grant (drums) in 2009. The League released "Orange" in 2009. As the winners of the Wolf 104.9 fm “Queen City Rocks!”, The League went to work recording, producing and mixing their second release "KILL", which dropped in late November 2015. The League of One has an impressive following and even more impressive discography of songs. The symmetry between their haunting and heavy music with soul wrenching lyrics is what makes The League of One unique. With the support of loyal Leaguers behind them, they will recruit new members with their new album, “Dispatch”. Released in February 2018 on Lil Eve Records, the album is a musical journey with lyrics that will captivate you. "Dispatch" is a full album experience.