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After a year in the studio, Novena present their debut album: “Eleventh Hour”. This 74-minute, 10-track debut release moves from profound to profane, from fragile to unforgiving, and from the introspective to the destructive, exploring a plethora of genres along the way. Yet, every song has a solid personal identity, with choruses that dare the listener to try to forget them. The emotional musical journey of “Eleventh Hour”, with heartfelt stories rooted in lived experience as well as fictional tales of epic scale, is served by a dance of lyric and poetry, and full of layers of hidden interest for curious re-listeners. Novena’s “Eleventh Hour” exploits the world-class skills of their talented line-up: From Ross Jennings’ (Haken) unmatchable voice, to Gareth Mason’s (Slice The Cake) poetry; Dan Thornton’s (Ex-The HAARP Machine, Ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze, Abhorrent Decimation, Crimson Throne) blistering guitar work, to Cameron Spence’s (Ravenface, EEVAH) invariably musical drumming - deeply rooted in pop idiom, and unlike anything else in the modern prog scene; from Moat Lowe’s (Slugdge) expressive and versatile bass playing to Harrison White’s (Theatrical Director and Composer) complex and nuanced compositions; “Eleventh Hour” delivers something greater than the sum of its parts. For fans of intelligent, engaging, emotional music, Novena share a work that contains some of the finest performances of their individual careers, and a work that isn’t afraid to take risks.