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In the grand symphony that is life, each of us is destined to play a unique part. Some are destined to find solace in the warmth of strings, or find courage in the boldness of brass, and still others find peace in the heartbeat of percussion. Each of us has our own part to play, our own melody to dance to in a quest to make the world a better place. Everyone in the world at one point or another has been in pain and has suffered at the hands of another. The world we live in is a dark place, however through music there is light. In 2010, Lauren Mullinax had a vision to bring peace of mind and hope to those who are suffering. Through her music, Lauren has set out on a mission to bring purpose, courage, and a sense of awakening to anyone who has ears to listen. No matter what stage of life you are in or how dark of a path that you have walked, you have hope within the recesses of your soul waiting to be awakened. You are stronger than you believe yourself to be, and you are loved beyond imagination. Lauren’s goal, with this in mind is to help others find their truest self through the restorative power of music. She is a therapeutic presence with the drive and ability to help others to be a healing presence as well. She knows that it is a powerful thing to be apart of something bigger than yourself.