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http://www.gorillariotband.com FFO: Dirty, Southern, Grungy Blues Rock Gorilla Riot are a 5-piece dirty rock n’ roll blues machine from Manchester, England. They deliver a 3-prong guitar attack with multi-part vocal harmonies to play raucous blues-based rock, combining elements of grunge, stoner and country to create a full-on high energy experience. Created by mainman, Arjun Bhishma, he surrounded himself with the best talent in Manchester to form Gorilla Riot. Arjun is joined by Liam Henry (guitars & vocals), Charly T. (guitars & vocals), Deggy (bass) & Will Lewis on skins. Equally at home acoustically or electrically they have toured extensively including Spain and France, and across the UK. They have released a raft of EPs and mini-albums and along with their debut full studio album, PEACH, Gorillia Riot have their song, Bad Son, included on the Top #10 ‘Earache presents New Wave Of Rock N Roll’ compilation album. They now release a new EP - SOLACE - before recording their next full studio album. Members: Arjun Bhishma (lead vocals & guitars) Liam Henry (guitars & vocals) Charly T. (guitars & vocals) James Degnen (bass) Will Lewis (drums)