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Sarah Jondreau is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. From electronic-fused rap to classical violin, she blends her stylings together to create unique & engaging music. You can find her in Austin, performing with many local artists while preparing for her upcoming tour and album release. Sarah has been writing and composing music her whole life, beginning with violin and piano at the age of only 5. Soon after, she picked up guitar, learned a few basic musical lessons from her father, and then began to teach herself and play by ear. Her experience in orchestra and choir throughout school inspired Sarah to begin recording vocal harmonies with herself, layering the sounds in a very unique way. The sound is a staple in her musical approach. The songwriter and performer has already participated in a world tour event in Nashville, and has toured Austin, L.A., Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Grand Junction, Dillon, Boulder CO, New Orleans, and Lafayette, Louisiana along with performing at SXSW in Austin for several years in a row. LOCATIONS Born in Colorado, grew up in New York, went to high school in Pennsylvania, college in Buffalo, moved to LA to pursue music, which eventually led to Austin, where she currently resides, working on music full time now!