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“Just worry ‘bout the here and now” (Take Cover) South London garage rock duo, First Frontier, make spirited, upbeat music to move to and be moved by. They have unleashed the frenzy of their energetic rhythms and soul-searching, upbeat lyrics on audiences since 2019. Their captivating music blends broad influences and passes the resulting tunes through a garage rock filter. First Frontier choose hope over fear and play over fight. Come join them. First Frontier are Helena Poole pounding drums and Paul Stafford thrashing guitar, with both sharing the vocal duties. They are Brummie banter and Northern grit forged anew in the South London cauldron. Their music has been described as neo-garage, post-punk and alternative rock. First Frontier's songs are a gleeful celebration of the good and an examination of the complexity of existence that invites people to participate in rejecting the mundanity of everyday life by escaping together in music and living life to the effing max. “We're just matter” (Take Cover)