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Delta Creek is Patrick Lehman (Juno nominated artist), Ken Presse (Juno nominated international touring band The Franklin Electric, Damn Truth) and Mario Telaro (Celine Dion, Bobby Bazini), a congregation of 3 career musicians who together have accomplished a sound rich with pop sensibilities while staying true to the everyman ethic of country. The songs are tough minded and sentimental, replete with driving guitars, banjos, and vocals described as being “as warm as whiskey” (Elle Magazine). After listening to ‘MY MELODY’, Delta Creek’s lead single, you’re immediately struck by Patrick’s remarkably muggy vocal tone that takes full command of the track. It would be easy to assume he's from Memphis, rather than his hometown of Montreal. Labeled ‘Canada’s super group’ (Breakfast Television- City TV/Rogers), these three soulful musicians started playing together in 2012 backing Patrick Lehman as a solo artist. On their long drives touring Canada, they would often listen to country radio and found themselves writing country tunes in the van to pass the time. This inevitably led them on a journey to create Delta Creek. The band's blend of traditional country music and Southern rock combined with elements of gospel and pop music gives it a crossover appeal. “Impressive! The best independent release I’ve heard in a long time. Whoever is singing sounds like Brett Young. This act will be interesting to watch!” (Cool 100.1 Fm Country)