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“Feared” is the latest single from JanaeSound. In this upbeat and uplifting pop/rock banger, JanaeSound gives an outstanding vocal performance. Singing across a dynamic vocal range, JanaeSound starts in a soft and steady voice, personifying and having a conversation with her fear. “What if, What if…”, Fear whispers, begging Janaesound to give up on her dreams. “What if they tear us down?!” Fear shouts. Janaesound responds, “Fear, I know you want to keep me safe. I know you want me in my place. Even if this dream is a wild chase… I’ll only get what’s mine if I face my Fear.” JanaeSound calls out a powerful message to her listeners. In a time of so much uncertainty, she encourages us to acknowledge and then conquer our fear, so we may boldly follow our dreams and find our happiness.