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Fenice Nera is the result of different musical experiences since 1997 moving from original blackmetal to current epic metal art manifestation through a over 20 years complex evolution.

Involved through the years in historical matters, today Fenice Nera deals with highly spiritual issues, strongly connecting music and lyrics. Maiestas Domini album in particular explores alchemical tradition from middle ages to the XVIII century through 8 tracks connected to each other in a conceptual voyage to reach the Knowledge. Inspired by some ancient alchemical texts like Tabula Smaragdina, Sol et Luna, Rosarium Philosophorum and Atalanta Fugiens, this project is accompanied by 8 videoclips and some fillers that will return a musical movie with a misterious plot that is as concrete as it is symbolic (visit http://www.youtube.com/c/feniceneraofficial)