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Hailing from Paris, Monsieur MÂLÂ is a combo made of 5 sought-after musicians with their own personal identity, drawing together elements of jazz, rock, funk, electronic and world music. More than the cultural diversity of the band members, the defining characteristic of Monsieur MÂLÂ's music is the joy of performing together in the perpetual push to grow creatively. "Our name is a reference to the tibetan neckless used to meditate and attempt the “flow” state that we try to reach every time we play our music and that we want to pass on to our audience" The band packs a mighty rhythmic punch courtesy of Swaéli Mbappé's (China Moses) bass allied to Mathieu Edward's (De La Soul/Chassol) machine-like drumming. Keys-wizard Nicholas Vella (Mayra Andrade), brings adventurous harmonic language combined with ethereal flavours, supported by airy melodies from Balthazar Naturel and Robin Antunes (sax ; violin/mandolin - Etienne Mbappe). Monsieur MÂLÂ updates the fusion tradition for the 21st century, with the emphasis on collective endeavour rather than individual prouesse. The music is carefully crafted, combining subtlety and colour with the band’s trademark rhythmic drive and irresistible groove power. The result is modern sounding 'jazz and beyond' music from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genres or cultures but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.