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Award-winning singer, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, organ, guitar, recorder), engineer and playwrighter Marthie Nel started her career in Newcastle, South Africa on the steps of a temporary classroom: singing to her friends all the Girl Scout songs she knew, later refusing to attend choir practice because she wanted to sing alone. She would sing in, direct, and write for small chamber choirs while still in school. Marthie received classical piano and voice training, with a dream of writing and singing her own music. In her tours she found her voice and style…she would not just sing: she would sing cabaret! In cabaret, Marthie believes you have great musical freedom to think outside forever turning hooks and drum beats. To communicate life and mutual life experiences; to touch somebody’s life; to make people laugh and cry…She sings about being lonely and happy and lost and the joys of motherhood, perfect worlds that do not exist, and how to find yourself amidst the chaos that life brings. Music that empowers and heals and inspires is what inspires her art.