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Unique, finely crafted guitar, bass and drum instrumentals. The ingredients are familiar but there's a new cook in the kitchen. Soundscapes range from mellow solo acoustic to vibrant symphonic guitorchestras (is that a word?), from slammin’ 80s shred to smooth laid back melodic grooves, from organic blends of mandolin and acoustic guitar to southern jam meets prog and a few other surprises, even venturing into some good ole’ country chicken pickin’. Guitarist Tim Ellifritz yearns to keep guitar music going and growing. First roused and beckoned to the guitar by 70s rock and prog, then later by the virtuosos of the 80s shred era and also impacted by guitar maestros in blues, country and jazz, his style is mainly rock but diverse, crossing genres and taking you on a trip back and forth in time. Decades of experience in the entertainment industry, live performances, the continuous stashing of song ideas, love of the studio experience and a recent grasp and honing of music production have culminated in a self-recorded and produced collection of his songs. In these songs, the styles merge and genres cross without losing focus. They contain tasty blends of organic acoustic and energetic electric guitar with plenty of guitar solos to please the guitar lover and a few tunes with contemplative lyrics and pristine vocals performed by Vinnie Leddick.