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Elisa Miconi is a rock guitar player based in Boston, MA. She has studied and attended group clinics with Bruce Bartlett, Mike Stern, Neil Zaza, Steve Lukather and Joe Walsh. Her music and guitar works are inspired by a deep commitment to art and sense of community. She is currently a teaching and performing artist in the Greater Boston Area, and her debut album "The Myth of Perception" is coming out on June 10, 2021. Preview single: Sirens and Hope SHORT STORY / In her own words. Despite not being born in a family of musicians, Elisa's musical talent manifested itself since she was a little girl: "I have been in love with music since I was very little. Even when I was just a toddler, I would wake my parents up at night with my screams, and refuse to fall back asleep until they went to the living room and hit "play" on one of those old-fashioned stereo systems of the 90s. I had my 2-year-old way of forcing my dad to dance with me and cuddle me back to sleep to the sound of music." During preschool and elementary school, her natural inclination towards music was evident in her music classes. "Finally, when I was 11, my parents bought me a classical guitar. After saving money for about a year, and promising my mom that I would have washed the dishes for life if she lent me the 50 euros I was missing to buy an electric guitar and an amplifier, I went and bought a Squier Strat. I haven't put the damn thing down ever since."