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Sizzling BBQ-flavored electricity & more from the bars, roadhouses and ice houses of Texas, Louisiana and beyond with more soul than a month of Sundays and guaranteed to get you to where you're going in style - psych rock, funk & blues with a whole lotta attitude. Born in St. Louis and raised in Houston before making his way to Austin, Jeff Michaels lived on a steady diet of playing bars, ice houses and roadhouses all around the bayou city since the age of 15. From playing in the middle of farm country to the 5th ward, to playing across the country; he's got an eclectic, diverse history. Flash forward many years and you've got a highly sought after gentleman with impeccable skills; absolutely deadly with a strat and a live mic. Come in, dry off, have a drink and listen to the soul-nourishing, all-out attack of the almighty power of Jeff's dirty riffs rolling out of walls of Marshalls.