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Bluebeat Shelter, aka Karl, has been making music in bands and on the computer for almost 40 years. Growing up in Germany he was influenced Neue Deutsche Welle, which many people thought, was the German follow up to New Wave. Well, it wasn't. But Punk, New Wave, Ska, Reggae and Dub started to gain influence about Karl's life and never left him. Karl has played many different instruments, mostly focussing on the bass and the computer with a digital audio workstation and various “virtual instruments”. The aspiration is, whether instrumental or with vocals, to sound like a “band” and not very synthetic. He is also collaborating with other musicians on the web, publications on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer etc. and regular airplay at @RadioTfsc

His music is a colourful mixture of many genres, starting with the music of his youth: punk, reggae, ska and new wave, and many other influences from metal to funk to so-called world music. The