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Touring has broadened horizons for Antonio Lulic. From opening for Ed Sheeran at venues across the UK and USA, and in stadiums all over Latin America, to playing prestigious events including Latitude Festival and South by Southwest, his career as a singer-songwriter has sent him as far around the globe as it has up in the world. Between his rich, rough vocal sound and a confident, insistent guitar style, Lulic’s performances have drawn comparisons to a young Bruce Springsteen – and immediately earned him dedicated support from legions of fans. Born and raised in the North of England, it took a few years of pretending that he was a drummer to convince Lulic that he was actually destined to be a frontman. Swapping sticks for strings, he found his feet on the burgeoning acoustic scene in Yorkshire, until the lure of the capital became too much to resist. Before long, he became a fixture on the London singer-songwriter circuit and fell in with a lively cadre of other musician friends, including the aforementioned Mr Sheeran and collaborator-to-be John Parker (Nizlopi). This inspiring company propelled Lulic into years of intense touring, at home and abroad, as well as release after release: Becomes Unstoppable (2009), Never or Tonight (2010), Rough (2011), Son (2015) and Departures (2017) – each attracting greater acclaim than the last. In 2018, Lulic completed two solo tours of Latin America; now he turns his focus back to the UK. After all, he has a debut album to record…