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ATSURI is an independent solo music artist project created and produced by Los Angeles-based music composer, producer, arranger, orchestrator, singer/songwriter and performer Alex Kharlamov.  ATSURI is currently recording his first EP, including the single "Dream" scheduled to be released on January 1, 2021 on all major music streaming platforms and at all online music stores. An active Recording Academy / GRAMMYs voting member, Alex Kharlamov a.k.a. ATSURI has established his reputation as a trustworthy go-to expert in the areas of music composition and production. Composing scores & songs, creating musical sound design, producing, arranging, orchestrating, recording and mixing & mastering music for motion pictures, television, video games, albums and other kinds of entertainment projects he has garnered a long list of respected clients from indie to A-list. His music scoring, design and production services are consistently employed by notable clients which include, Universal Music Group, BMG Music, 20th Century Fox Music, composers James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, Paul Haslinger, Christophe Beck, Lennie Moore and the National Gallery of Art just to name a few. Alex Kharlamov owns and operates the state-of-art music scoring and production company, Magical Scores Ltd. ( ) in Los Angeles, California, USA. ATSURI Website: ATSURI ™ is a registered trademark.