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Swedish metal band Svederna delivers fierce and relentless black metal. Formed in the summer of 2012 their debut album Äntra came out in 2013 on cassette tape. Through the second album Svedjeland in 2018 the band gained worldwide attention for their brutal and unique sound. The cassette tape Ultra Gruta • Live i Porto was released winter 2020. 
 August 28th marks the return of Svederna with their new album Härd. As always, the almighty riff is the main focal point, each one exceeded by the next one creating an overwhelming metal meltdown. The album title, 'Hearth', symbolically stands for a sacred place where everything melts and only the truth remains. 
 Svederna moves swiftly between distant forests and urban landscapes, always along its own path with a clear anti-establishment stance. Sustaining the quintessence of the 90's Scandinavian black metal sound, Svederna also combines this with the wild energy of underground rock 'n' roll and aggressive punk. The sound of the group mixes violent and intense parts with melodic and epic riffs and a fair amount of thrash metal, simply made for headbanging. 
 The name Svederna derives from the ancient method of burning the ground in order to make it fertile again. This is what the band is all about: Burn the old, seed the new. 
 MEMBERS A. Thunarf – Drums, Guitar E. Weinestedt – Guitar J. Holmberg – Vocals S. Frödeberg Karlin – Bass Guitar, Guitar 
 P. Stille – Guitar (live)