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”Master of the unconventional” - Global Texan Chronicles 
 ”Musik med ett inbyggt motstånd” - Dagens Nyheter 
 ”A well crafted set of songs” - Divide And Conquer 
 Semi acoustic indie troubadour from the north part of Sweden. Minimalistic music with the songs clearly defined in the centre. Rock’n’roll or lullabies? The lyrics are given with a mix of humor and seriousness, with the modern society in focus. Mostly Swedish lyrics, but also French. The French songs are co-written with Hamid Khodja. December 2019 saw the release of the first track with English lyrics. 
 Has attracted creative youngsters, curios children and cultured adults for almost two decades. Great live act full of humor and high spirits. 
 Started the musical track in the 80 ́s. Belonged to the swedish indie scene in the 90 ́s with pop trio Opossum, who later on became The Trimatics. Has also been involved in a Swedish Grammy, for performing two classic children songs on "Älskade Ramsor, Sagor Och Sånger Från Barnkammarboken, Vol 4". But that's another story...