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THYLACINE is the scientific name of the Tasmanian wolf, a species that became extinct 70 years ago. A precious word that French musician William Rezé has chosen to tame so as to incarnate his progressive and vaporous electronica. Each individual track is imbued with a singular flavour and reveals the breadth of the artist’s cross-influences: from repetitive music pioneers – such as Steve Reich or Philip Glass – to John Zorn’s jazz experimentations and Massive Attack’s trip-hop. THYLACINE’s music combines the cadenced and melancholic techno of Paul Kalkbrenner with the aerial melodies of Moderat or Four Tet. Thylacine’s thirst for freedom has always driven him to search for new horizons, and his endeavors are all audacious projects that pushes more than mere musical boundaries. His upcoming album, Timeless, will be the newest step of a journey started half a decade ago. In 2015 he boarded the iconic Trans-Siberian train composing and recording his first album while on a 6 000-mile journey. For his second record, ROADS Vol. 1, Thylacine, bought a 1972 Airstream and transformed it into a recording studio that he then put on a freighter across the Atlantic to Buenos Aires. Thylacine wanted to immerse himself in desert and lunar scenery, explore multicolored canyons, sand dunes, giant cacti forests, snow-capped peaks... and write, alone, in the intimacy of his nomadic studio. ROADS Vol. 2 was recorded on the same trailer, this time in the Faroe Islands and released in 2020.