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Recently, Wyatt Espalin returned to his roots to live at the rustic campground where he was raised by his grandparents in the North GA Mountains. There he found a setting that would inspire “The Last Leaf”, a collection of mysterious songs that gives his audience a bird’s eye view of an artist rediscovering himself. Like a ghost-writer in his own autobiography, one-half of Americana duo Trees Leave approaches these song as an outsider looking in at his own stories. Taking it all back to the beginning has left the fiddler/singer and champion clogger evaluating where he came from and trying to recognize who he has become. After releasing his solo debut album “Songwriter/Singer” in 2015, Wyatt went on to win the 1st Ann. New Song Songwriting Contest at NC's L.E.A.F. festival. He has also spent the last couple of years sharing the stage opening for some of his songwriting idols like Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins & Patty Loveless. During his performances, the haunting, intimate songs juxtaposed with the hilarious stories that he shares in the banter between them create a beautiful tension. It may not always be clear who Wyatt is addressing in his songs, but maybe this line from the last verse from the last song on the new record “The Last Leaf” can give some insight: “It won’t phase me if you never hear these words. See, I wrote them down for me, a way to measure up my worth.” The listener will be glad that he chose not only to write them down, but to share them with us all.