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Forever bound by camaraderie, stubbornness and a shared vision to bring high octane, earth shattering, bone crushing rock’n’roll to the masses, Swedish band Bellybuster are finally here with their debut album When the Morning Comes. To fulfill their vision they have enlisted renowned producer Gene “Machine” Freeman (Clutch, Lamb of God, Crobot, et al.) – and the result is a truly marvelous rock’n’roll record. The roots of Bellybuster trace back fifteen years, when the core trio of the band – Tomas Olsson (vocals, guitar), Martin Javerbrant (bass) and Beo Kjellsson (drums) – first started out in their hometown Växjö in the South of Sweden. It was however when they added a second guitarist in Wincent Ek (Violent Work of Art, The Killbilly 5’ers) in 2016 that they really caught momentum and started putting their already well established vision into realization. So, while When the Morning Comes hasn’t been literally fifteen years in the making, it still neatly sums up what Bellybuster are, and have always been all about. And, yes, it is rock’n’roll we’re talking about here, folks. The decision to have Machine the Producer mixing When the Morning Comes is a stroke of genius: combining their early, rather obvious AC/DC influences, with the progressive Southern twang of Clutch and the quirky wittiness of fellow Scandinavians DAD, he and Bellybuster have come up with a modern sounding debut, albeit filled with more or less subtle hints to rock history.