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Erin Shay is a pop tart. Like the famed toaster pastry, she has a frosty outer layer and a special filling inside.

Beneath her sweet and sparkly exterior are purposeful lyrics, bursting with intentions of unity, empowerment, and connection. Her songs pull from 1980s pop-rock and edgy modern electro pop. They boast huge gooey hooks, big crunchy guitar riffs, syrupy piano melodies, fizzy beats, and bold electronic textures. Erin’s singing is expressively dynamic, spanning breathy vocalizing to soaring emotionality. Though her music is celebratory and danceable, she seeks to move hearts in addition to shaking booties. You experience Erin rather than watch her in performance as she offers a candy store variety of delights. Her fashion sense oozes a modern vintage take on the vibrant new romantic movement earmarked by bright colors, punky designs, and cool, angular hair. She’s a brightly colored ball of charisma, glam, and warm wit, and her live shows, both in person and online, whisk you away to a pop fantasyland like a scene out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. In some ways she’s a sweet subversive sneaking in contraband content into pop. “I always hear no one listens to the second verse so you don’t have to pay attention to it. I strongly disagree with that—every word matters, and I want to write purposeful lyrics,” she enthuses. “Global issues matter, human rights matters, politics matter, and where we are going as a society matters.” Debut single United out NOW!