Spirit Parade


  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Back to the Sun
  3. 3.
    Never Crossed My Mind
  4. 4.
    Be My Center - Ony Vega, Kirn Dangerous
  5. 5.
    Maybe We Can Dream Together
Spirit Parade is a Baltimore neo-blues band made up of singer and saxophonist Ernesto J. Ponce, bassist Ethan Montgomery, drummer Arejay James, guitarist Dominick Tardogno, keyboardist Garrett Neal, and trombonist Lionel Abbott.
The musicians originally formed as a backing band for Ernesto’s solo album, The Dream is Gone in 2014. After a period of local acclaim and success, the group went into the studio to begin recording new material. It soon became evident that the material was taking on a new dimension, and Spirit Parade was born.
With the solid blues base of Ernesto’s solo material as a jumping point, the crew formed a six track EP Spirit Parade (EP) which was released in 2015. This work was recognized by Baltimore blues legend, Ursula Ricks, who immediately recognized the band’s musicianship and asked to be a part of it. Spirit Parade featured Ursula on some of its higher profile gigs for a brief period before continuing on its own course.
In continued pursuit of sonic excellence, Spirit Parade returned to the studio to create a collection of ten songs for their first full length record Worlds Apart. Blending together the diverse influences of each member, the band has established a sound all their own that is at once familiar and novel.
Past contributors to Spirit Parade include Steve Gallagher (Guitar), Mathew Lampart (Drums), Mark St. Pierre (Percussion), Gary Gilpin (Organ), Ryan Escolopio (Production), Kirn Dangerus (Guitar), and Ony Vega (Vocals)


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