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Honeybadger. Who are they and why the hell should you care? We are currently residing in a time where the musical landscape is dominated by a never-ending conveyor belt of the same tried and tested methods. A formula that is honed to perfection to eradicate anything that may be considered risqué, original or created to make you decide how you engage on a personal level. Amid this backdrop in the current marketplace, it is easy to see why many talented performers and creators fall into the trap of conforming to boundaries as opposed to the art. Honeybadger work on the principle that music is above all, about expression, feelings, and the sheer joy that you arrive at in seeing an audience engage collectively and individually by just letting themselves go. Music seems to be as much about belonging to a tribe these days as it is the music. In our tribe all are welcome as long as you be yourself. The ethos from the start followed the Dave Grohl mantra of get your mates together, enjoy playing (shit at first) and then keep on playing until you get better.Formed in 2016 and comprise of brothers Eddy (Guitar/vox) and Joe (Drums/BV) and brother from another mother Luca (Bass/BV). Influences include The White Stripes, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age they bring their own sound with original material to make you feel the raw energy and power of what music can bring to your life. It’s all about the music and the live gig experience. https://honeybadgeruk.com