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Hello and thank you for your visit! I am a Canadian, specifically from Montreal. In my daily life, I work in the accounting field.

In my spare time, I do music composition and I write the lyrics that goes with my songs. Music is a passion that goes back to my childhood. I am an ''amateur'' musician for a very long time now, but composer and lyrist only for a few years. In fact, I've discovered music writing in the past few years and decided to go further and share my songs. More precisely, in my musical creations, I compose and play all the musical instruments (guitars, bass, keyboard, piano, midi drum, etc.) I write all the lyrics, I do the mixing and the mastering too. I work with a singer for the vocal that I mix in my songs. In August 2017, I released my first album entitled "Never Again". Don't hesitate to see my Website : Thank you for your visit! Chris