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Let yourself love The New Graces. “Songs that feel like a walk along a dusty country road – evocative, warm, connected with the land and its people…” Nestled down among the hills and valleys of New South Wales’ far south coast, Candelo likes being that bit out of the way of things. It maybe even likes being called a village - it’s few hundred residents happy to be just far enough from some of the world’s dramas. Conversely, the town – sorry, ‘Village…’ – seems to draw people of creativity. Music just seems to seep out from many of its doors. Including a recent sweet collision of talents and feelings – The New Graces. Melanie Horsnell, Kate Burke, Robyn Martin are all seasoned identities in the Australian music scene, all with slightly different influences and styles. They’ve been solo artists in their own right, and part of bands you heard on the radio, or danced to around a festival campfire. And here, they fall together in this location and combination to make something worthy of your attention. Between them, they weave tales of farmers, hippies, mothers, sea farers, history, lovers, the ordinary, and the mysterious. Their songs tell stories of their Australia:

desert country steeped in history, wild bush dances, snowy mountains and remote swimming holes, generations of family life on the land, waking up in a sunny Sydney bedroom, returning to favourite old pub to play music with friends.