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A long time ago, ‘Wiljalba’ the magician and illusionist, was an international star and his name radiated in great splendor. Generations later, Berlin singer/songwriter David Frikell thought to bring the name of his ancestor back ‘on the stage’ - with a different kind of sorcery – music. In collaboration with Jamie Collier (musician & producer from NZ) and with the help of many more friends, the album ‘Lost valley’ was created. Folk, Blues, Country & Rock in a special… individual style. Wiljalba has been searching for his personal „Lost Valley“ for a long time. From this journey, there are many experiences to be sung and stories to be told. Wiljalbas first musical milestones were reached in 2017 with EP‘s „Blackbird“ and „Wild Strawberries“. From late summer 2018 we can accompany Wiljalba on his quest, as on August 31, the album „Lost Valley“ will be released on CD, vinyl and digital with 11 songs.