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Thank You George is a mix of minor chords and loop machines, of electronic spheres and walls of sound, of Folk and Indie, Rock and Pop. It is the band project originally build around a collection of songs and themes by guitarist, singer and songwriter Phil. His collaboration with bass player Ali and drummer Tobi marks the latest chapter in the band's history, turning it into the trio that it somehow always wanted to be. Together they keep on listening and playing, adjusting and improving, adding new ideas and songs and themes and sounds. Their music is glass-half-empty, it is profound and sad, plenty and splendid. It comes to live through waves and lyrics, its pushing silence and epic endings. They will enter the stage, plug in their instruments and have their sound fill the whole room. You will hear them play, your ears will hold your mind captive and their melodies will remain in your head. They will stick with you, keep you company, tuck you in. Just get cozy and listen. And when things get loud, stamp your feet and bang your head, hold up your arms and just get lost.