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PHANTOMS vs FIRE is the music project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Thiago Desant. *** LINKS: *** Composer Thiago Desant, Phantoms Vs Fire's USP involves mixing synthesizers, traditional instruments, and orchestral arrangements. His compositions are rich and intricate, swinging from playful buoyancy to darker, ethereal wails. – Electronic Sound Magazine (UK) Unique sound layers, top tier production, and all around sonic delights, a collage of thoughts and emotions sewn together with Desant’s imagination. A walk into the psyche of a waking mind. At times quiet and calm, at other times dark and foreboding, a next level piece of musical art. Desant has truly stepped into another realm. From moments of glitchy beauty to ambient doom, a free fall into a Hell of one’s own making. A journey necessary in order to come to some agreement with the universe. I think Phantoms vs Fire has indeed come to an agreement with the universe, and one we’ll all be the better for it. – J. Hubner (Complex Distractions) The talent and motivation seem to be present and if all goes well, this could become a name to be reckoned with in the near future. – Merchants Of Air A truly stunning work of art. An extraordinary palette of acoustic/organic and electronic/synthetic instruments carefully and methodically splashed on an absorptive canvas. – Vehlinggo