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One hundred years after the nuclear world war of the 21st Century the descendants of the few survivors brave the jeopardy of a post-apocalyptic world. This theme is depicted by WOLVES OF WAR, a melodic-metal band founded 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. For their rousing music they combine hard industrial rhythms with complex melodies supported by rich orchestral sounds and choirs. Covering a great variety of styles, their songs are influenced by creations of musicians like Dimmu Borgir, Ost+Front or Hans Zimmer. The lyrics of their songs lead the audience to fictional worlds such as Fallout or Metro 2033 but they also tell stories of their own post-apocalyptic city “Dystopia”. Through their professional equipment and their individual, hand-made costumes, this band offers a high quality show and a coherent picture of a dystopian future in their live concerts.