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L.A.-based pop/folk/Americana outfit Single, Girl, Married Girl writes songs that are simultaneously beautiful and devastating with poetic, perceptive lyrics that astutely capture what it means to be human. Steeped in a folk songwriting tradition that harkens back to Pete Seeger and Joan Baez mixed with modern songwriting elements in the style of Jenny Lewis and Brandi Carlile, Single Girl, Married Girl fearlessly tackles issues ranging from loss and drug addiction to insecurity and depression. 
 Named for The Carter Family’s song of the same name, Single Girl, Married Girl has been confused for a dating site on occasion for obvious reasons, with people seeking love connections on the band’s Facebook page; something the band finds ironic, considering their own pursuit of an audience. 
 Their new album, Three Generations of Leaving features front-woman Chelsey Coy on vocals and banjo also features longtime band members Charlie Rauh on guitar, Oskar Haggdahl on drums, John Gray on upright bass, and Shannon Söderlund on backing vocals, with guests Thad DeBrock on pedal steel and baritone guitar, Mary Lattimore on harp, Philip Kronengold on piano/organ, Burt Levine on banjo, Callie Galvez on cello, and Haruka Horii on violin. 
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