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As with everything else in life, things have a way of coming a full circle. Having sung Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" as a teenager, a young man, a new father, and now a "Daaaaad" to 3 beautiful children who could just as easily be thinking of me as they sing it; the perspectives of the songs I wrote as a teenager are slowly flowing back in sometimes humbling, sometimes longing fashion. As I move past my parenting chapter, I look forward to rekindle my relationship with the pen, the guitar and possibly the mic. There are only a dozen or so songs of mine out there. Hundreds more sit patiently on folded napkins, borrowed papers and, more recently, Google Keep Notes. My preference is to shadow write for others. Be their Bernie Taupin. Assist them in achieving their artistic goals. Perhaps even going so far as to provide more than just words and music by sharing what little I've gleaned in my time on the lighted stage. I've stood before crowds more often than I've been in them. I've lived the joy of using my talents to help those less fortunate. Time and again, I've witnessed music help people either deal with or forget their woes, even for a short while. I've been the soundtrack as two lovers share the deepest gaze and the most meaningful of moments. I've turned on a radio and heard my words coming back at me and felt the surreal feeling that ensues. It's all been intoxicating in the purest of ways. Let's keep going...