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The band was formed in 2007 by a guitarist and a bass player who wanted to play "proper" rock, and so The Julia Set was born. That lasted all of five minutes, as the guitarist promptly landed a decent job and vanished into the setting sun. The bassman, however, carried on with the concept and pulled together the indie rock band that we've got today, based in and around the West London area. Gigs have included such prestigious venues as The 12 Bar Club, The Alleycat and The Water Rats, amongst others. In 2013, we gathered a few original songs together and released the "Skyline" EP (now free on BandCamp). Recent releases have been singles such as "Wild Wood", "Love & Hate (A Story Of)" , the rocky "Is This Your First Time?" and "Finding Out". We would just describe ourselves, if anything, as an Indie Rock band seasoned with a hint of retro. We love the big, overlaid guitar sound. Mickey Berry sings lead vocals, Mark Irwin plays guitars, as does Simon Goode and Mendel Jansen. Marvin Green is on the drums and Mike Atkinson plays bass. We hope that you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it.