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Science Rockets are a 5-piece Australian Indie Rock, shoegaze band from Newcastle, NSW. The band formed in 2020 from a collective love of different flavours of noise and melody. From the remnants of The Girl Folder and some chance meetings of like minded musician chat online, the band formed over a love of Ride, Secret Machines, Foals and The Cure. Their unique sound fuses layers of reverb, delay with huge breakdowns that makes you want to immerse yourself in the experience. Described as having ‘Sound energy and a passion that is unique’ by Newcastle Herald, Science Rockets’ first gig was cancelled to to the current pandemic. A year of writing and recording heartbreakingly came to nothing. The band decided to release “The Social Distance Sessions” a separately recorded live “gig”. Since then, the band have performed multiple shows in Newcastle and have performed at the iconic Lizottes venue. Photos by Dave Evans, Paul Dear and rawbydean