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I still love the sound of the 50s. When I was a child my Grandma sang to the songs of Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Cole Porter and I loved to listen. Now I am old but I have this all the time in my ears and in my heart. I worked for over a year on my new album "Smooth Jazz", I did everything on my own. Arranging, singing, playing the instruments, producing, mixing, mastering and all of the artwork. So please take time to enjoy it! I promote my music on my label Amp-Media, I make videos and so on and so on - a full time job. But my passion. And of course: I love to play and sing live! Without music life would Bb Yours Ralph Maten BIOGRAPHY... Ralph Maten is a songwriter, music producer, singer (rock / blues & jazz) & pianist (Torch Music & Adult Contemporary). Born in 1970. The piano is his instrument. 1st solo album "Life in Misery" (1996). In 2014 the German press gave him the very fitting nickname "Samtmann". The reason for this was the release of his 5th solo album "Yours & Mine (Live 2014)". 2018: 6th solo album “Cheers For Tears”. 2020: 7th solo album "Colours". With a song recorded on the album "Friday I'm In Love" (cover of his favorite band from the eighties, The Cure), Ralph Maten launched the #Fridaylove (Unicef) campaign in 2019. In 2020 his 7th solo album "Colors" will be available, which sets new standards and could hardly be more diverse.