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@itsbennyblanco when i decided i was going to put out music… i went to all of my friends telling them the ides hoping they would poke holes in it or say it was stupid and I should just keep producing and stay in the background… but when everyone old me things like “I cant believe u haven’t already done this” and “fuk yah dude… do it!!!” it got me thinking… the next day in a hotel room I set up a studio and started an idea with ed Sheeran that later became my debut single “Eastside”… when I was a hid all I wanted to do was be the BIGGEST artist in the world… its all I thought about…as I grew up and saw all that comes with it and how hard it is to be an artist… every artist deserves a purple heart for all they do… having been in the business for like 12 years and having worked with so many artists… u never know until u are in the drivers seat how crazy it really is… that being said I am do unbelievably thankful to not only every songwriter / artist / producer / engineer etc. who worked on this project with me but EVERY single person who has helped me along the way… I am nothing without all of u… im literally always the worst person in the room surrounded by people who carry me to the finish lin. LOL…im putting out my first album as a solo artist a lot later than that kid looking in the mirror when he was 5 wanted to but better late than never… btw my new album is called FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS and it comes out tomorrow… hope u like it… and if u don’t fuck u coz I do