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Britt Hopkins, 23, is

a singer/songwriter from Aspen, Colorado. Starting in choirs, she began writing when just 11 and adopted guitar at high school. Influenced by The Civil Wars, Florence + The Machine and Fleetwood Mac she studied vocal performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Discovered by Birdland Records whilst working in an Aspen cafe, she began developing her songwriting repertoire before signing to the label and commencing recording of what will be her debut album ‘Gracenotes’. Unique songs with heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies about young love and its up’s and down’s, Britt brings a refreshing and honest insight to a well trodden genre. She is a complex singer/songwriter with a voice that let’s you know she is stronger and smarter than the heartache she is singing about. Described by influential blog Crack In The Road as “gearing up to leave a lasting impact on 2018” she debuts with a series of acoustic EP’s demonstrating the innate and simple charm of her songwriting skills and will follow with regular releases of her studio produced collection of songs through 2018 and 2019. Britt Hopkins is a Birdland Records artist.